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K12 Survival Solutions...
Teaching wilderness skills to optimize your survival


We are a school that is dedicated to teaching practical survival skills. We are a school of wilderness survival that focuses on teaching skills that will help you survive in an unfortunate wilderness or urban scenario. If you are a hiker, backpacker, or the "outdoor adventurous" type and would like to strengthen your knowledge and experience preparing for the unexpected, check us out.
Who we are not: An organization that preaches any type of ideology, spiritual chanting, or uses scare tactics to learn our skills.


We teach a range of both modern and primitive wilderness skills covering the priorities of survival that will provide you the ability to live and be rescued in the wilderness. Our intent is aimed to increase your comfort level for the outdoors. K12 Survival Solutions also provides team building and leadership instructional events for corporate clients creating a collaborative team environment and innovative team development.

1-Day "lost hiker" Wilderness Survival

What would you do first if you were lost or stranded in the woods, miles from civilization?

2-Day "Survive the wild" survival course

This is an overnight course and is a combination of both modern and primitive skills.

Fire Craft course

During this course you will learn the many uses of fire, tree and plant identification, best parts of the species to use for fire, and how to start a sustaining fire in wet weather conditions

K12 Fire

1-Day "Knife only" Primitive survival course

The more you know, the less you have to carry... Now that you know how to survive with modern tools, can you do it with only a knife and the clothes on your back??

Land Navigation Course

full description coming soon

corporate team building

Reconnect your team’s dynamic by reconnecting with nature in this customized course.


No better way to spend Veterans Day weekend, 2019, than teaching a course in Yosemite National Park to an amazing team of people from the McChrystal Group. Great Corporate Team Building weekend with awesome people!

K12 in Yosemite

WWBS: 2018

Cub Scouts: Gotta start them young! The 10 essentials and poison ivy!


WWBS: 01/2020

Perfect “Juneuary” day to be in the woods training with the NJ Search and Rescue.


WWBS: 11/2019

K12 at the top of Vernal Falls in Yosemite

K12 SAR Survival Cards


  • 6-3"x5" weather resistant cards
  • Includes a 1" Ferro spark rod
  • Includes 8" piece of Jute
  • Includes picture instructions

K12 Pocket Survival Cards

$17.95 each

  • 5-3"x5" weather resistant cards
  • Includes a 1" Ferro spark rod
  • Includes 8" piece of Jute
  • Includes picture instructions

K12 Level 1 Survival Kits

$69.99 each

  • Includes: Mylar blanket, signal
  • 36oz water, bic lighter,
  • spark rod, various tools,
  • & implements for survival

K12 Survival Solutions T-shirts

$19.99 each

  • Available in sage & tan
  • Available in multiple sizes

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  • K12 Level 1 Survival Kits
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K12 Rated in the Top 10 Survival Schools by Outdoor Life Magazine

K12 Survival Solutions is dedicated to teaching wilderness survival, fire making, and provides training courses that are customized to students. This school will send you home with reproducible skills and a new level of confidence in the outdoors. Founded and operated by Rob “K12” Krolikiewicz, it is an up and coming survival school, bringing some of the best modern and primitive wilderness survival skills gleaned from two decades of military survival training. Rob served 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, and in that time he trained and operated all over the world (Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, and above the Arctic Circle to name a few). He is also a SERE school graduate. K12 offers one day and multi-day courses, corporate team building events and leadership adventures. Based in New Jersey, courses are most frequently held in K12’s home state, as well as Pennsylvania and Virginia (though private and custom courses are available elsewhere). I’ve taught with Rob, and few instructors are as dedicated to ensuring each and every student leaves the class with the skills they actually need and a new comfort level in the outdoors, as he is. (article published 03/2020)